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High quality, personal commitment and joy

With personal commitment, we are driven by helping families solve the everyday puzzle with the best possible quality. Our most important task is to create long-term relationships between our customers, babysitters and our office staff.

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Thorough recruitment

We do a thorough background check and make sure the babysitter has the right experience.



The babysitter is trained upon employment and during the course of employment. Mandatory courses are child CPR and our certification course.

A personal match

With a tailored search process, we find a babysitter based on your needs and wishes.

Collective agreement

With a collective agreement, all babysitters get secure employment, decent wages and good conditions.

Calculate the hourly rate for a nanny

The price is based on the babysitter's age, agreement and how many hours you want help. The price is specified incl. VAT and after RUT deduction. Note that babysitters from the age of 18 have the opportunity to claim their own salary and this may affect the price.


Bound agreement:

A bound agreement means that you as a family together with your babysitter agree on a schedule with a minimum number of hours per month. With this agreement, both parties have 1 month's notice.

Unbound agreement:

An unbound agreement means that you as a family together with your babysitter book work shifts directly and the times may vary. There is no notice period for this type of agreement.


Price per hour

Choose which setup suits you

All families are different and so are their needs. Do you need help regularly every week or more sporadically?


A regular schedule is the most common setup. This means that the family has childcare once or twice a week. The babysitter usually picks up at preschool/school around 3:00 p.m./4:30 p.m.


Full time/Part time

The full-time arrangements usually look exactly as they sound, full-time between Monday to Friday around 7-15, 8-16 or 9-17. The part-time arrangements are usually 2-3 full days a week, or a couple of half days per week.



Occasional babysitting are common at, for example, weddings or if you need help on a specific date. Note that if the childcare does not take place at home, you cannot get a RUT deduction.



A typical sporadic arrangement means that childcare takes place between 1-4 times a month with varying days and times. Usually the family needs some extra help during evenings and/or weekends.


The five steps of the process

Read how the process works from a submitted request to a match with a babysitter and follow-ups from us at the office along the way.

1. Send a request

When you sent your request, one of our consulting managers will contact you to create your own customer profile. Here we discuss your needs and what kind of person you are looking for. We tailor each assignment to your specific needs. We will then start searching for a suitable candidate, we search in our database and also recruit continuously. The search is completely free of charge.

2. Presentation of a nanny

When we have found the right candidate based on your profile, we will send you a presentation with an initial proposal. All of our candidates present themselves in a short video presentation, so that you can more easily create an image of who the person is and whether the candidate can fit into your family. Before you receive a presentation, we do a thorough background check.

3. Meeting with the nanny

If you wish to meet the babysitter, we coordinate a free first meeting. The babysitter comes to your home and usually also meets the children and you get the chance to ask the questions you have. This is a chance for both parties to get a feeling if the personal chemistry and interaction between the babysitter and the children works.

4. Match and agreement

If the meeting went well, we will complete the match and you then will have your own babysitter! The babysitter will be trained in two courses, a nanny certification and a CPR course as well as child accidents. If it didn't feel quite right at the meeting, we will of course continue our free search. From now on, we will debit you for the scheduled babysitting hours you book with your nanny.

5. Follow-ups

We will make continuous follow-ups with both you and the babysitter along the way so that everything feels good as long as you are our customers. Our office staff are happy to help you as soon as questions arise.

Barnvakt pysslar med barnvaktsbarn
Barnvakt och barnvaktsbarn på lekplats
Barnvakt på lekplats med två barnvaktsbarn

Reviews from our customers

Barn gungar med sin barnvakt

We used to have a babysitter at our wedding weekend and we are very happy with the nanny who helped us. It felt safe but probably cost more than other bridles. However, for us to be able to fully enjoy our wedding, it was worth it!

Emma Falkenberg

Barn leker i barnrum

A serious and reliable agency. I have felt trust and security from the first contact. We received a lot of relevant information and clear communication during the match to find a nanny that suited us and our needs. We are very happy to finally have NannyNu and "our" nanny in our lives.

Camilla Cederborg

Barnvakt och barnvaktsbarn

A serious and good company, nice and experienced babysitters. We have used the service in Jönköping and have only had good experiences. Good and fast service from the company, and as I said, pleasant and serious babysitters that you feel you can trust.

Eva Blomqvist

Barnvakt med barnvaktsbarn utomhus

We have used NannyNu for 10 years with a break due to parental leave with our second child. During all these years, we have had many different babysitters because most of the ones we used were in their last year of high school. Basically all the babysitters have been fantastic with our children and very much appreciated. Recruiting a new babysitter is a standardized process at NannyNu and it works very well. An easy company to deal with!

Christian Herge


Interested in working as a nanny?

Do you love children and are looking for a fun part time job? We are looking for babysitters all over Sweden, both pensioners and students, but also people who have another part-time job. Do you fit to the description? Do not hesitate to submit your application!


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