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Fill in the form to create a customer profile. Our consultant managers will receive your request and send a presentation with a suitable candidate as soon as we have found someone. Should we not find a candidate that matches your needs, we will return with an update within 2 weeks at the latest!

Detailed price list

The prices are specified per hour after RUT deduction and including VAT.


Category standard

(16-17 years)

Category Extended

(18 years and older)

Unbound 193 SEK
193 SEK + addition


0-19 hours/month

183 SEK 183 SEK + addition


20-39 hours/month

174 SEK 174 SEK + addition


40 hours/month

164 SEK 164 SEK + addition
Full time 154 SEK 154 SEK + addition

Prices and unsocial working hours

Our prices apply on weekdays between 06:00-20:00. Outside these hours, a fee of SEK 9.38/hour is added.

On public holidays, a fee of SEK 18.75/hour is added. Public holidays include Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Day, Easter Monday, Walpurgis, Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.


  • is connected to Benify.
  • By combining childcare and home cleaning via you can take part of our combination offer.
  • You get a discounted price (from 154 SEK/hour) when you have your own babysitter you want to hire through

The above discounts cannot be combined.

We have a satisfaction guarantee week. If you are not satisfied with your babysitter during the first week, we will terminate the babysitter and look for a new candidate for you. You will not be charged for this week.


Bound agreement
Unbound agreement

What does a bound agreement mean?

This agreement is suitable for those who wish to have continuity in childcare. A bound agreement means that the customer and babysitter agree on a schedule when the babysitter must be available to work. The arrangement means that the customer can feel more secure in getting help at the desired times and the babysitter receives a predictable and stable income.

The hours are stated in the agreement and become the number of hours you must book each month.

Of course, you can book more hours than what is stated in the agreement, however, if you cancel hours, this must be announced with at least 1 month's notice.

With this agreement, both parties have 1 month's notice but no binding period. A discount is given on the standard price of 5%/10%/15% depending on the scope of the assignment.


What does an unbound agreement mean?

This agreement is suitable for those of you who wish to have more flexibility in your arrangement. An unbound agreement means that you as a family, together with your babysitter, book work shifts directly between the both of you. You have the ambition to work together according to a certain plan, but the times can vary and be changed by both parties.

Both parties can change and cancel shifts. There is no notice period for this type of agreement.


The five steps of the process

Read how the process works from a submitted request to a match with a babysitter and follow-up from us.

1. Send a request

When you sent your request, one of our consulting managers will contact you to create your own customer profile. Here we discuss your needs and what kind of person you are looking for. We tailor each assignment to your specific needs. We will then start searching for a suitable candidate, we search in our database and also recruit continuously. The search is completely free of charge.

2. Presentation of a nanny

When we have found the right candidate based on your profile, we will send you a presentation with an initial proposal. All of our candidates present themselves in a short video presentation, so that you can more easily create an image of who the person is and whether the candidate can fit into your family. Before you receive a presentation, we do a thorough background check.

3. Meeting with the nanny

If you wish to meet the babysitter, we coordinate a free first meeting. The babysitter comes to your home and usually also meets the children and you get the chance to ask the questions you have. This is a chance for both parties to get a feeling if the personal chemistry and interaction between the babysitter and the children works.

4. Match and agreement

If the meeting went well, we will complete the match and you then will have your own babysitter! The babysitter will be trained in two courses, a nanny certification and a CPR course as well as child accidents. If it didn't feel quite right at the meeting, we will of course continue our free search. From now on, we will debit you for the scheduled babysitting hours you book with your nanny.

5. Follow-ups

We will make continuous follow-ups with both you and the babysitter along the way so that everything feels good as long as you are our customers. Our office staff are happy to help you as soon as questions arise.

Barnvakt pysslar med barnvaktsbarn
Barnvakt och barnvaktsbarn på lekplats
Barnvakt på lekplats med två barnvaktsbarn

Reviews from our customers

I am really satisfied with! The service is brilliant and it is convenient to be able to pay via direct debit and receive the invoice by email. The invoice is easy to understand and I couldn't be happier with the staff.

Barn och barnvakt utomhus

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.

For how long do we have to wait for a babysitter?

It is unfortunately difficult to say because it depends on the selection of babysitters in the area you live in. We are also careful to match you with a babysitter with the right experience and availability. We have an average of five working days, but do you have special requests for e.g. driver's license or language skills, it may take longer.

About debitation

We have no start-up fees and the entire search process is free of charge. Only after you agree to the babysitter after the first meeting, hourly billing begin. The minimum charge is 2.5 hours/occasion and an invoice is sent the month after the babysitting takes place.

Why should we choose

We have over 15 years of experience and were among the first babysitting companies. We have helped thousands of families and have been awarded several times. We have extensive experience in matching families and babysitters in the best possible way. We have safe and efficient processes but also a great deal of personal commitment to ensure that every babysitter and family thrives and is satisfied.

Do we get to meet the babysitter?

Yes! First, you get a babysitter introduced via email with a video clip and you get to decide if you want to meet the babysitter at a first meeting. We help coordinate the meeting, which usually takes 30-60 minutes and is free of charge. We do a follow up on the meeting the following day, if everything felt good you can get started.

What does the customer satisfaction guarantee mean?

If you are not satisfied with your babysitter after the first week together, you have the right to end the collaboration without being charged for the hours employed.

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