Barn leker med bilbana

Hire your own babysitter via

Give your private babysitter employment, insurance, training and collective agreement


This is how you hire a private babysitter via

  1. Contact us by phone or send us a request

  2. We hire and educate the babysitter
  3. We take care of tax payments, insurances and ensure that the babysitter is covered by collective agreements

  4. You continue with the childcare as usual

Give your private babysitter employment, insurance and training through

We hire your babysitter and pay the babysitter's salary while you continue exactly as usual with the babysitter you have today. We are responsible for employer contributions as well as VAT.


Cost and prices to hire your own babysitter

The prices below for your own babysitter comes with a 20% discount off our regular prices. The price differs depending on which candidate group the babysitter belongs to. As a customer, you receive an invoice every month for the total number of hours your babysitter worked in the previous month. We can also adjust your price to be lower or higher depending on the salary of your babysitter. See further down.

Price list

Category standard

(16-17 years)

Category extended

(18 years and older)

Price 150 SEK 150 SEK + addition*

All prices are stated per hour after RUT-deductions and including VAT. The above prices have been discounted by 20%. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Our prices apply weekdays between 06:00-20:00.

Outside these hours, a fee of SEK 9/hour is added. On public holidays a fee of SEK 19/hour is added. Public holidays include Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Walpurgis Day, Midsummer Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

*The price supplement is determined by the candidate's salary claim. SEK 1/hour addition to the standard wage means SEK 1/hour in addition to the price after RUT. This arrangement is adapted to maximize the amount of candidates with qualified profiles. The supplement range is normally SEK 10-30/hour depending on RUT.

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