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I lack other employment. Why can’t I get employed?

The long term is important to us and our customers. Since this is only a part time job, it is difficult to "get by" financially only on your nanny salary. If you work with a family 2 times/week, it means that you work around 6 hours/week. Our experience is that the babysitter quits if she then gets a part-time job with more hours or a full-time job. If we are looking for a full-time babysitter, this requirement does not apply.

Can we save hours?

No. However, specific hours can be moved to the next month provided the babysitter is okay with it.

What do I do if I want to be on leave?

If you have a bound agreement, you must give notice of leave at least 1 month in advance - both to us at the office and your family. If you work on an unbound agreement, you notify the family you work for as far in advance as possible. If you do not work for a whole month, you also need to report this to us.

Can I work more than what is agreed?

If the family wants to book an extra shift with you, it is perfectly fine to agree directly between you. You do not need to get it approved by us.

Do we get to meet the babysitter?

Yes! First, you get a babysitter introduced via email with a video clip and you get to decide if you want to meet the babysitter at a first meeting. We help coordinate the meeting, which usually takes 30-60 minutes and is free of charge. We do a follow up on the meeting the following day, if everything felt good you can get started.

What should I do if I get sick?

If you are sick, you must first contact your family and let them know. You should also contact the office on 010-160 02 00 so we have the opportunity to contact the family regarding a substitute. If you work on a fixed contract, you must always contact us at the office so that we do not charge the family for these hours.

What are you looking for in a babysitter?

Our babysitters must be able to represent in a good way. We demand that the babysitters are responsible, reliable people who are punctual and keep what they promise. The babysitters must have experience in babysitting, another main occupation and be available at least one weekday afternoon per week from 15.30.


For how long do we have to wait for a babysitter?

It is unfortunately difficult to say because it depends on the selection of babysitters in the area you live in. We are also careful to match you with a babysitter with the right experience and availability. We have an average of five working days, but do you have special requests for e.g. driver's license or language skills, it may take longer.

What about public holidays?

Public holidays are excluded in the agreement and you will not be charged for these days and cannot count on the babysitter working that day. However, if you and your babysitter agree upon booking a shift on a public holiday, that's no problem.

Why are you only looking for long-term babysitters?

Usually our families look for long-term babysitters so that the children do not have to get to know new & different babysitters. Both you and the family will feel secure when the relationship is more established. If we were to hire babysitters who only want to work for a few months, the children would perhaps have to get to know 3-4 babysitters a year, we want to avoid that. Long-term means that you must be available for work in the same family for at least one year.

What about summer holidays, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and other holidays?

Holidays are not excluded in the agreement, as a customer you must notify us no later than one month before if you wish to take a break during a holiday. The same applies to the babysitter.

Do I have a notice period?

We offer two different types of agreements: unbound & bound. The unbound arrangement has no notice period and applies to both nanny and family. It will be easier for you to book hours, but also easier for the families to book hours- which means that you have no income guarantee. In the case of a bound arrangement, both babysitter and family have 1 month's notice and the possibility to re-book a hours is more limited.

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