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We are proud to have a wide selection of experienced candidates of various ages. We are available all over Sweden!

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Barnvakt Eva Nord

Eva Nord


Eva started working at in 2014 and is 76 years old and lives in Södermalm in Stockholm. When Eva, after a full working life in preschool, retired, she wanted to continue working with children, which made her apply for a babysitting job at

Education and thorough recruitment

Children's safety is our main priority. All babysitters go through a course in child CPR and our certification course.


We control the babysitters' identification during the interview to ensure that the person is who he or she claims to be.

Reference check

We carry out a reference check where at least one reference must be child-related. For example, it can be from previous experiences from work at a preschool, as a leader of a children's group or babysitting. The references verify the babysitters' experience.

Thorough interview

The recruitment process is key to finding the right babysitters. Experienced recruiters conduct a thorough interview with a focus on experience and sense of responsibility. In a typical week, we receive hundreds of applications that must be compared against the families' needs.

Charge register

Swedish charge register is controlled. The family is informed about the status of the register when they receive a presentation of the babysitter.


Children's safety is our number one priority. All babysitters go through with a child CPR and our certification course.

Education 1: Nanny certification course

The nanny certification course is our own course. During the course we go through communication, knowledge of children and our values ​​and also tips from child psychologist Märta Lönnquist's. The babysitter will learn what we expect from our employees, what the job description looks like, what a meeting with a new family can look like and difficult dilemmas a babysitter might face. The course ends with an exam. Every babysitter is invited to the course as soon as they have been matched with a family.

Education 2: Child-CPR

Child CPR is our most important course. An important part during an emergency of a sick or injured child is to be able to act quickly and to have knowledge of how to contact 112. The purpose of the training is to create a safe environment and security for the child, the family and the babysitter. It is important that parents and babysitters have continuous communication around each individual child to ensure each child's individual needs and their safety. Babysitters are offered the course as soon as they are matched with a family. The course is held by certified CPR instructors.

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Do you want the most funnest and coziest part time job? Submit your application! You must be at least 16 years old and have experience of looking after children alone. You also need to have another occupation, for example studies, a part-time job or being retired.

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