Barn åker pulka

Winter games for children

Winter is finally here! The snow lies like a white blanket around the country. Just because there's snow and freezing temperatures, we don't have to stay inside and play. Dress warmly and get ready for outdoor games! We have listed suggestions for games that are suitable to do in the snow.

Go sledding

Go sledding is a favorite of many children. Don't forget that it is important to think about the safety. Try to find a slope that is steeper at the beginning and then levels out, because then the sled will slow down safely. When it comes to choosing a sled, children who do not sit very firmly on their own should go with a sled that has both a backrest and a belt. However, children who are big enough to steer and brake themselves can use a regular sled or snowracer. But just to be safe, make sure all the children always wear a helmet, sledding can go really fast!

Paint in the snow

A creative activity that can be done outdoors is to let the children paint in the snow. Use normal watercolor and a brush. Here, nothing can stop them, the children can live out their creativity while it is fun and exciting to see what happens when you paint on the snow.

Footprint tag

Another fun game is footprint tag, the rules are the same as regular tag but the players can only follow in other people's footsteps. The player who steps out of the footsteps will be the one who "is".


Build a snowman

Another classic activity to do when the snow has arrived is building a snowman. Make three different sized snowballs in the desired size and stack on top of each other. Pick up twigs and use as arms, collect rocks to use to make eyes and mouth. But leave room for the nose! See our next game below.

Attach a nose to the snowman

When you have built your snowman, get a carrot and blindfold. Then take turns putting the carrot in the right place with the blindfold on.


Make a snow angel

Here, the children should lie down straight in the snow, ask them to stretch out their arms and legs. After that, they should make a semi-circular movement with both arms and legs, they do so by pulling them back and forth along the body. From the movements a snow angel is formed!

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