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Work as a nanny

Work on your terms! Choose between fixed or flexible working hours with a collective agreement and good salary. We have families all over Sweden.


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Barn på lekplats

Do you qualify as a babysitter? We hope so!

Do you love children, are you creative and responsible? Are you also a student, retired or have another part-time job? Then you are the person we are looking for! Are you a senior? Read more here

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  • Love children, are creative and responsible
  • Have previous experience from working with children and able to give us references from this. The previous experience could be from:
    • Own children, grandchildren
    • Taken care of siblings, neighbors, cousins all by yourself
    • Responsible of children, for example at a camp or within sports
    • Summer job at kindergarten
    • Internship at a preschool program
    • Work at kindergarten/preschool
  • Have another occupation, for example studies, part-time job or are retired

  • Be available for work at least once a week
  • Want to work as a nanny for a year (or two semesters)
  • Live in Sweden
  • Be at least 16 years old and started your first semester at high school. We do not have an age limit for older nannies, we are happy to hire seniors!

Why should you work at

The latest survey with our babysitters showed that 98.3% would recommend us to a friend.

Collective agreement

Our employees are important to us and therefore you are covered by collective agreements. As an employee, you have safe conditions, insurance and contractual pension.

Match with a suiting family

For us, it is important that you get on with the family and have a good relationship with them. We therefore believe that it is of great importance to match you with a family that suits you and live close by so you can enjoy your work. We also make sure that their needs suit your schedule as well.

We are here for you

We are here for you during your employment to make sure that you are comfortable with us and your babysitting family. We help you when questions arise and support you with tips and advice.

Education, references and certificates

You are trained in child CPR and undergo our nanny certification course. Read more about our courses here. When it is time for you to move on with your career, we will be happy to help you with good references and certificates of your work with us.

Calculate your salary

Your salary is based on your age and is paid per hour worked including holiday pay.


Unsocial working hours

During evenings, weekends and public holidays, you receive an supplement for unsocial working hours to your hourly wage.

Unsocial working hours

Amount incl. holiday pay

Weekdays at 20-22 and weekend at 06-22 10 SEK/hour

Weekdays at 22-06

25,42 SEK/hour
Weekends at 22-06 53,57 SEK/hour
Public holiday at 06-22 20 SEK/hour
Public holiday at 22-06 115,94 SEK/hour
Bound agreement
Unbound agreement

What does a bound agreement mean?

A bound agreement means that you, as a babysitter, together with your family agree on a schedule when you must be available to work. The arrangement means that the customer can feel more secure in getting the help they need at the desired hours and that you as a babysitter get a predictable and stable income.

The hours are entered in your agreement and this becomes a number of hours you must book each month.

Of course, you can book more hours than what is stated in the agreement, but if you cancel hours, this must be announced with at least 1 month's notice.


What does an unbound agreement mean?

This agreement is suitable for those of you who wish to have more flexibility in your arrangement. An unbound  agreement means that you, as a babysitter, together with your family book work shifts directly between the both of you and the hours may vary. You have the ambition to work together according to a certain plan, but the hours can vary and be changed by both parties.

Both parties can change and cancel hours. There is no notice period for this type of agreement.


Senior nanny

Many people with life experience are interested in working with us. The grandchildren may have grown up and the contact with children might have decreased. Many of our families are looking for babysitters who are 50+ and who can contribute with their knowledge and perspective.

Several of our senior babysitters tell us that the contact with new families contributes to quality of life and a sense of belonging.


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Senior nanny och barn
Barn och barnvakt pysslar

Insurance and occupational pension

Being insured at work provides extra security and safety for you as an employee. has liability and accident insurance. You are insured on the way to/from and during your work shift. The insurance applies both if you yourself suffer an injury, if something were to happen to the children or if something were to break in the family home while you were working.

Contract pension SAF-LO (ASL) Occupational pension of 4.5% of income. This applies from the age of 22.

Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.

I lack other employment. Why can’t I get employed?

The long term is important to us and our customers. Since this is only a part time job, it is difficult to "get by" financially only on your nanny salary. If you work with a family 2 times/week, it means that you work around 6 hours/week. Our experience is that the babysitter quits if she then gets a part-time job with more hours or a full-time job. If we are looking for a full-time babysitter, this requirement does not apply.

What do I do if I want to be on leave?

If you have a bound agreement, you must give notice of leave at least 1 month in advance - both to us at the office and your family. If you work on an unbound agreement, you notify the family you work for as far in advance as possible. If you do not work for a whole month, you also need to report this to us.

Why are you only looking for long-term babysitters?

Usually our families look for long-term babysitters so that the children do not have to get to know new & different babysitters. Both you and the family will feel secure when the relationship is more established. If we were to hire babysitters who only want to work for a few months, the children would perhaps have to get to know 3-4 babysitters a year, we want to avoid that. Long-term means that you must be available for work in the same family for at least one year.

Do I have a notice period?

We offer two different types of agreements: unbound & bound. The unbound arrangement has no notice period and applies to both nanny and family. It will be easier for you to book hours, but also easier for the families to book hours- which means that you have no income guarantee. In the case of a bound arrangement, both babysitter and family have 1 month's notice and the possibility to re-book a hours is more limited.

What are you looking for in a babysitter?

Our babysitters must be able to represent in a good way. We demand that the babysitters are responsible, reliable people who are punctual and keep what they promise. The babysitters must have experience in babysitting, another main occupation and be available at least one weekday afternoon per week from 15.30.


Can I work more than what is agreed?

If the family wants to book an extra shift with you, it is perfectly fine to agree directly between you. You do not need to get it approved by us.

What should I do if I get sick?

If you are sick, you must first contact your family and let them know. You should also contact the office on 010-160 02 00 so we have the opportunity to contact the family regarding a substitute. If you work on a fixed contract, you must always contact us at the office so that we do not charge the family for these hours.

It is not possible to apply. Can I email my resume?

No, we need to get your application directly into our system as there are many of us in the office who need access to the same information. If you have trouble with the application, it is often due to: 1) You need to allow 3rd party cookies 2) You have written the date of birth incorrectly - it must be written YYYY-MM-DD, for example 1997-01-01. 3) You have already registered an account with the email address you are trying to register. In that case, log in with your previous login details. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reminder.

Barn och barnvakt utomhus

Do you want to become a nanny?

Do you want to have a fun and flexible part time job on your terms? We are continuously looking for new babysitters all over Sweden.


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