Welcome to Nanny.nu

We have babysitters with different languages from all around the world

Welcome to Nannynu!

We have babysitters with different languages from all around the world

Different languages

We have babysitters with different native languages.


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One nanny – one family

Nanny.nu is a reliable babysitting agency that works to simplify the daily life of our customers and create several job opportunities. Nanny.nu was founded in 2007 and we have helped over 4500 families since the start. We are providing fast personal service, as well as responsible, competent and playful babysitters. We have hired men and women from over 50 different countries. Most of our babysitters speak Swedish and English but we can also look for a nanny or family that speaks your preferable language. Nanny.nu is active in Sweden. We are largest in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala and Västerås.

We have a collective agreement to ensure good terms for all our employees.

Safety first, second and third!

Babysitters must undergo a thorough interview where we take information about their experiences and knowledge regarding children. To work as a babysitter one must have previous experience in babysitting. We also contact their references and request a background check, including an identity check and a clear police report. One of our foundations is the constant development of the babysitter’s knowledge of children. We do this through our Nanny certification and a CPR course where the babysitters learn to perform conscious control, breath control, etc. by a certified instructor. We also offer all our babysitters knowledge development to excel at work.

5 steps of the process

The steps you as a family or nanny goes through.


Create a customer profile / Register your CV

We’ll contact you in a day after that you’ve filled out our customer forms. We tailor each assignment by your needs and start looking for a nanny that fits your profile. This is free of charge. / After you’ve created a nanny profile we’ll contact you in 1-2 weeks. If you are a suitable candidate for us we’ll do a background check and interview with you. If you are a good match for us, we’ll start comparing your profile to our customer’s needs.



Presentation for the family

When we find a candidate for you, a short video presentation of the nanny will be sent to your family. This will be your first contact with a potential babysitter. / When we find a family for you we’ll send a video presentation of you to the family. You will have recorded the clip at home once we have given you the instructions to do so.


Meeting between family & nanny

If you are interested after the video presentation we will book a meeting between you and the nanny where you live. This is an opportunity for you to get to know eachother, and afterwards decide if you want to hire the nanny. / If the family wants to meet you we arrange a meeting where they live.


Match and courses

After the meeting, Nanny.nu will contact both the nanny and the family. If both the family and the nanny feel that it is a good match we hire the nanny, send a contract to the family and book the nanny to our courses. The nanny will get paid and the family charged for all hours that are registered from now on.


Follow ups

It’s not over yet. Nanny.nu will do follow ups with both the family and the nanny over the period they are with us. You will have the same contact person as during the matching process.

Become a customer

We’ll help you find the nanny you are looking for.


Nanny.nu has helped over 5000 families

We have helped over 4500 families to find the nanny they are looking for. The family has the same nanny at all times, so the children will know their nanny. 60% of all new families are recommended from existing customers. This is much due to our focus on quality, service and delivering world class babysitters.

If you are not satisfied with your babysitter during the first week, please let us know and we won’t charge you for those hours. Instead we will start searching for a new candidate that suits your family’s needs better. We charge a minimum of 2,5 hours per session (4 hours minimum for single occasions). Read more about our prices here.

We want you!

We’re looking for babysitters who love children.


Why you should work at Nanny.nu

We are the largest babysitting company in Sweden according to revenue. We have hired over 4500 babysitters over the years. A lot of them come from other countries and speak other languages. Since a lot of families contacts us for help we have good opportunities to match you with a family that suits your profile. We have a collective agreement to ensure good terms, insurance and salary. You also get a free CPR-course where CPR on children is the focus.

Requirements Profile
  • You love children, you’re creative and responsible.
  • You have previous experiences with children and references from these occasions, for example:
    • Children/grand children of your own.
    • Babysitting for siblings, neighbours or cousins independently.
    • Leader position for children, for example from camps or an organization.
    • Working in preschool or kindergarten.
    • Internship with children.
  • You have another primary occupation, such as studies, job or retirement.
  • You’re able to work at least once a week.
  • You have an ambition to work with a family for 1 year (or 2 semesters).
  • You live in Sweden.
  • You are at least 16 years old and you’ve finished your first semester at upper secondary school. However – we have no age limit upwards and we gladly accept applications from seniors!


Standard price per hour is 186 SEK. Minimum 2,5 hours/session.

Price list
Category Standard

(Age 16-17)

Category Extended

(Age 18 and older)

188 SEK
188 SEK + addition***

0 – 19 hours/month

179 SEK
179 SEK + addition

20 – 39 hours/month

169 SEK
169 SEK + addition

40 timmar+/month

160 SEK
160 SEK + addition
Full time
150 SEK
150 SEK + addition

The prices are after the tax deduction and including VAT, if you cannot use the deduction the price is doubled.

* The family and the babysitter make their own schedule. No suspension time for either part.
** A fixed rate of hours per month according to an agreement. 1 month mutual suspension time. Read more here.
*** The price supplement is determined by the candidate’s salary claim. 1 SEK / hour supplement on the standard salary konverts to 1 SEK / hour in addition in price after RUT. This arrangement is designed to maximize the amount of candidates with qualified profiles. The addition is usually within the interval 10-30 SEK / hour after RUT.

Babysitting for single occasions, minimum 4 hours/sessions. Cancellation fee at 500SEK. We do not help you if you are staying at a hotel or a similar place. We are usually not able to help you with these kinds of assignments during January, July, August and September.


  • Nanny.nu is connected to Benify

  • By using cleaning services from our sister company Tidy.nu combined with a nanny from Nanny.nu you will be able to get our combination offer.
  • If you yourself find a nanny to hire through Nanny.nu you will receive a 20% discount

  • All discounts are applied only on the standard price

  • No discounts can be combined with any other discounts



See which category you belong to.

Nanny Category
Starting salary

Per hour incl. holiday pay

Individual wage setting*


Occupational pension
Age 16-17
118,53 SEK
Age 18-19
133,35 SEK
Age 20-23
148,17 SEK
Age 24+
148,17 SEK

* We want a wage structure that appeals to all competence profiles and regardless of age, therefore we use an individual wage setting for everyone age 18 and older. Important to know is that we adjust the family’s price according to your salary so a high salary claim limits the range of assignments but of course you should feel satisfied with the compensation. At the interview, our recruiters will discuss the salary claim with you.

Uncomfortable working time supplement weekdays 20:00-06:00 including weekends with 10 kr extra per hour incl. holiday pay. Major holidays supplemented with 20 kr extra.

As an employee, choose which contract you want to work with:

Bound contract: The babysitter and family decide a minimum amount of hours/month for which the babysitter needs to be available. 1 month mutual suspension time.
Unbound contract: The family and the babysitter make their own schedule. No suspension time for either part.


Please contact us if you have any questions.




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  • 114 44 Stockholm

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